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Lucca - Fiery Genius

Lucca is Crono's best friend. She's extremely intelligent
and she's built inventions of all sorts, from a teleportation device to
a battle training robot.
She uses various types of firearms as weaponry, and learns fire magic later in the game.
She lives with her father and mother in Southern Truce, in 1000 AD. Her father also
enjoys science, but her mother was in a terrible accident when Lucca was
very young, that left her unable to walk.

"Lucca is Crono's best friend. She loves science and uses her knowledge to build fantastic machines and very clever weapons. Eventually she learns Fire Magic, a very useful skill"
"Lucca is also not very strong but her Magic is most powerful, especially when she is paired with Crono"

The Mynock's Description
Lucca - Crono's best friend.  She is also an accomplished and brilliant
        young scientist.  In an attempt to show off her new matter
        transportation device, she accidentally sends a person back
        in time 400 years.  This would be the catalyst of the adventure.
      Weapon Type: Gun                       Magic Type: Fire
      Time Period: 1000 AD

Her techniques are:

Flame Toss, Hypno Wave, Fire, Napalm, Protect, Fire 2, Mega Bomb, and Flare.