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  1. The bad ending:
    Lose to Lavos in any time period, any method of getting to him.
  2. Programmers ending:
    Beat Lavos either at the UnderWater Palace, or before you rescue Queen Leene in 600 A.D. This ending lets you talk to the various programmers who worked on the game, along with a special set of credits just for you...
  3. Frog & Leene ending:
    Beat the game right after coming back from 600 A.D. and saving the Queen. Frog will end up marrying the's pretty funny.
  4. Monster slapstick ending:
    Beat the game right after entering the end of time through the bucket. Three monsters will do silly things during the credits.
  5. Robo/Tata ending:
    Beat it after arriving in 600 A.D. Shows Robo in futuristic Leene Square and Tata going after Magus, but instead of Magus, shows Crono, Marle, and Lucca.
  6. War Ending:
    Beat it just after getting Hero Medal from Tata. Shows party arriving in closet portal in Medina, reptiles chasing after cavepeople, Magus + co. on a cliff, and Guardia soldiers preparing for war.
  7. Cast of Characters:
    Beat it just after returning from getting the Red Stone in 65,000,000 B.C. Shows various characters of the game - major, minor, and otherwise. Not very exciting.
  8. Frog vs. Magus:
    Beat it just after Frog releases the power of the Masamune in 600 A.D. Starts out in Lucca's house, when Frog decides to take on Magus. During the credits, we see various bits of Frog's journey into Magus' domain. Battle takes place between Frog and Magus. Fighting is heard during the credits. Finally, a mysterious silhouette is shown standing on the top of the castle. Who was the victor? Magus or Frog? You decide. Way cool.
  9. Reptile ending:
    Beat it just after defeating Magus. Shows scenes from the game, but with the characters as reptiles.
  10. Frog and Magus II:
    Beat it just after defeating Azala in 65,000,000 B.C. It shows various scenes of Frog going after Magus, and Magus going after Lavos, and some other scenes. Almost as cool as the first Frog/Magus ending.
  11. Marle and Lucca's slideshow:
    Beat it after Schala opens the sealed door in 12,000 B.C. It is the sealed door to where Queen Zeal, Dalton, and Schala are. Do not power up the pendant though, go directly to Leene Square and take the right telepod to get to Lavos. This ending is a slideshow hosted by Marle and Lucca. They will talk about all of the men in the game.
  12. Millennium Fair Moonlight Parade: (without Crono and Magus)
    Beat it after returning from the Ocean Palace. All of the player controlled characters in the game go after the Guru of time in search of the Time Egg (depending on whether you got it from him or not). Frog will also have turned back into Glenn. It also differs if the Epoch was destroyed or not.
  13. Millennium Fair Moonlight Parade: (without Crono, but with Magus)
    Almost the same as above, but Frog will still be a frog. Again, it differs if the Epoch was destroyed.
  14. Millennium Fair Moonlight Parade: (with Crono, but without Magus)
    After the Parade, everyone says their goodbyes. During the endings scenes with the Epoch, you can see Frog has become human again. The ending is slightly different is the Epoch was destroyed.
  15. Millennium Fair Moonlight Parade: (with Crono and Magus)
    This is the standard Moonlight Parade ending, in which everyone goes their separate ways. The rest of the ending depends on if the Epoch was destroyed or not.
  16. Other variations on the Moonlight Parade Ending:
    This ending will vary slightly depending on whether or not you used the Epoch to get to Lavos, and whether or not you saved Lara from being crippled. It also depends on how many cats you have at Crono's house. But the only difference seems to be the number of cats in the scene.
My Favorite Ending
Crono dead, Magus dead, Epoch destroyed.
This is by far one of the coolest endings I've ever seen. You get to see Frog in human form, and he walks around and stuff, and Lucca calls him a hunk, and, and... uhm. That's it.