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Items Listing

Item Function
Barrier Cuts magic damage by 1/3
Bike Key Used for bike in Lab 32
Elixir Restores HP/MP
Ether Restores 10 MP
Fang Used for trading
Feather Used for trading
Full Ether Restores 60 MP
Full Tonic Restores 500 HP
Gate Key Allows use of time gates
Heal Restores Status
Horn Used for trading
HyperEther Restores MP
Lapis Recover 200 HP for party
Magic Tab Raises magic rating by 1
MegaElixir Restores HP/MP for whole party
Mid Ether Restores 30 MP
Mid Tonic Restores 200 HP
Pendant Marle's Pendant
Petal Used for trading
Power Meal Recover from "?"
Power Tab Raises power rating by 1
PrismShard Used to prove innocence of King Guardia
Race Log Keeps your best times on bike race
Revive Brings character back to life
Shelter Restore HP/MP on save spots
Shield Cuts physical damage by 1/3
Speed Tab Raises Speed rating by 1
Sun Stone Used to create weapons with
Tonic Restores 50 HP
Yakra Key Used to unlock a treasure chest in Guardia Castle

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