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Site News

09:43:48 PM 12/14/01
Hello again.
No updates this time around, but I do have a plan now.
A friend recently noticed that I don't have any real character
profiles up here, except for the main characters.
He noticed I used the descriptions from the walkthrough.
So I'm going to go through all the characters I deem important
(or in other words, the ones I can remember) and write profiles
for them.
Look out for it!
Or don't, whichever.
I'm not getting paid to do this, so it's not like I'm looking 
for good responses. I do this cus it's fun.

12:53 AM 11/21/01
Hi there!
I know, I know, it's been a hella long time since I updated,
but I've been, uh, busy... really... okay, you're right, I have
no life. As usual, I've just had nothing to say/do for the page.
But I was playing with it tonight, and thought I'd do a little 
touching up in some places.
The most noticable difference (I think), will be the addition
of a 'Turn Meter' in the Gato battle in the Millenial Fair (Games) section.

Next, I think I'm going to code out an entire battle system
that can be easily customized. That way it won't be hard to add
other monsters to battle.
So look forward to that! Or... not.

But yeah, so that's it for the site.
Before I go, I just want to plug this site Project Majestic Mix.
Chances are, if you like VG Music then you've heard of the site,
but I just wanted to tell you, that you only have until the end
of this November, to donate and get the Gold Edition CD.
Anyways, that's all for now.

Later, Rob.

3:09 PM 11/02/01
November 2nd, 1982... A child was born...
This child had the potential to change the world...
But he decided to hang out and play video games instead ;)
Happy Birthday to me!

11:23 AM 10/26/01
Found out that the new desktop theme had a major problem with it.
I fixed that problem, download the one in the Downloads page now 
and it should work.
I also reposted the old theme set, and did some minor updates 
around the site (mostly wording, etc).
Enjoy the page, you little rascals you.

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