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Item Name User Usage
Amulet All Protects status
Bandana All Speed + 1
Berserker All Auto attack/ hit & Defense up
Black Rock Marle
Triple Tech "DarkEternal"
Blue Rock Lucca
Triple Tech "OmegaFlare"
Charm Top Ayla Charm power up
Dash Ring All Speed + 3
Defender All Vigor + 2
Flea Vest All Magic Defense + 12
FrenzyBand All 80% counter Attack rate
Gold Erng All Max HP up by 50%
Gold Rock Frog Triple Tech "Grand Dream"
Gold Stud All MP use cut by 75%
oliveDream All One-time auto reanimate
Hero Medal Frog Ups critical hit rate of Masamune
Hit Ring All Strike + 10
Magic Ring All Magic + 6
Magic Scarf All Magic + 2
Magic Seal All Ups Magic Power
MuscleRing All Vigor + 6
PowerGlove All Power + 2
Power Ring All Power + 6
PowerScarf All Power + 4
Power Seal All Ups Attack Power
PrismSpecs All Ups Attack Power to the Max
Rage Band All 50% Counter Attack rate
Ribbon All Strike + 2
SightScope All Shows monsters HP
SilverErng All Max HP up by 25%
SilverRock Robo
Triple Tech "SpinStrike"
SilverStud All MP use cut by 50%
Speed Belt All Speed + 2
Sun Shades All Ups Attack Power
Third Eye All 2x evade
Wall Ring All Magic Defense + 10
Wallet All Turns experience into gold
White Rock Marle
Triple Tech "Poyozo Dance"

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