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Double, Triple and Special Technique Requirements

This is a list of the required spells to use all the double/triple/special techniques.
If you see something on here that is incorrect, then please e-mail me.

Double Tech Required Spells
Tech Name Tech 1 Tech 2
Aura Whirl Cyclone Aura
Ice Sword Spincut Ice
Ice Sword 2 Confuse Ice 2
Fire Whirl Cyclone Fire Toss
Fire Sword Spincut Fire
Fire Sword 2 Confuse Fire 2
Rocket Roll Cyclone Laser Spin
Max Cyclone Spincut Laser Spin
Super Volt Lightning 2 Shock
X Strike Cyclone Slurp Cut
Sword Stream Spincut Water
Spire Lighting 2 Leap Slash
Drill Kick Cyclone Rollo Kick
Volt Bite Lightning Cat Attack
Falcon Hit Spincut Rock Throw
Antipode Ice Fire
Antipode 2 Ice 2 Fire 2
Antipode 3 Ice 2 Flare
Aura Beam Aura Cure Beam
Ice Tackle Ice Tackle
Cure Touch Cure 2 Heal Beam
Ice Water Ice Water
Glacier Ice 2 Water 2
Double Cure Cure 2 Cure 2
Twin Charm Provoke Charm
Ice Toss Ice Rock Throw
Cube Toss Ice 2 Rock Throw
Fire Punch Fire Rocket Punch
Fire Tackle Fire 2 Robo Tackle
Double Bomb Mega Bomb Area Bomb
Flame Kick Fire Rollo Kick
Fire Whirl Fire 2 Tail Spin
Blaze Kick Fire 2 Triple Kick
Blade Toss Laser Spin Slurp Cut
Bubble Snap Robo Tackle Water
Cure Wave Heal Beam Cure 2
Boogie Robo Tackle Charm
Spin Kick Robo Tackle Rollo Kick
Beast Toss Uzi Punch Rock Throw
Slurp Kiss Slurp Kiss
Bubble Hit Water Rollo Kick
Drop Kick Leap Slash Triple Kick
Red Pin Fire Leap Slash
Line Bomb Mega Bomb Leap Slash
Frog Flare Flare Frog Squash

Triple Tech Required Spells
Tech Name Tech 1 Tech 2 Tech 3
Delta Force Lightning 2 Ice 2 Fire 2
Life Line Cyclone Life 2 Laser Spin
Arc Impulse Spincut Ice 2 Leap Slash
Final Kick Lightning 2 Ice 2 Triple Kick
Fire Zone Spincut Fire 2 Laser Spin
Delta Storm Lightning 2 Fire 2 Water 2
Gatling Kick Lightning 2 Fire 2 Triple Kick
Triple Raid Cyclone Robo Tackle Slurp Cut
Twister Cyclone Laser Spin Tail Spin
3D Attack Cyclone Slurp Cut Triple Kick

Special Tech Required Spells
Tech Name Tech 1 Tech 2 Tech 3
Dark Eternal Ice 2 Fire 2 Dark Matter
Omega Flare Flare Laser Spin Dark Bomb
Spin Strike Tail Spin Robo Tackle Leap Slash
Poyozo Dance Provoke Hypno Wave Tail Spin
Grand Dream Life 2 Frog Squash Cure Beam

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