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Ayla - Queen of War

Ayla comes from 65 Million years BC. Primitive and strong
she's one of the strongest fighters you'll ever meet.
Since she was born before the time of magic, she does cannot use any spells
but her techniques are just as powerful as any magic spell.
Her style of fighting is all weaponless, she punches, she kicks, she bites,
anything to defeat her enemy.

"Ayla is primitive but strong. She is trying to save her group from the reptites. She can break huge stones with a punch or a kick. [I don't know why Square said that, she never does] With her strength, she doesn't need to use magic."
"Ayla has no Magic but her strength is unstoppable. Her best tech is stealing items, especially from some bosses."

The Mynock's Description
Ayla  - A powerful and strong willed cavewoman.  When she discovers
        Crono's group fighting the evil Reptites, she decides to join
        them in order to defeat Azala and his replacement, the vile
      Weapon Type: Fist                      Magic Type: Physical
      Time Period: 65000000 BC

Her techniques are:

Kiss, Rollo Kick, Cat Attack, Rock Throw, Charm, Tail Spin, Dino Tail, and Triple Kick.