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Marle - Royal Sorceress

Marle is a rowdy young girl. Considered to be a tomboy
by some, she is actually the Princess Nadia from the year 1000. She lives
at Guardia Castle, near Truce, with her father, her mother passed away
when she was young.
She sneaks out of the palace to enjoy herself at the fair, when Crono
bumps into her.
Using her crossbow she pumps enemies full of arrows at long range, and
gives them a resounding "whack" when closer to the target.
When she gains the ability to use magic, she's given water magic, which
she uses in the form of ice, and healing spells.

"Marle is actually Princess Nadia of Guardia Castle. She grows impatient with royal life and eventually leaves to help Crono. She is good with a crossbow, and learns Water Magic during the adventure."
"Marle is not very strong physically, but her Magic is very powerful. Her healing powers are essential to your success."

The Mynock's Description
Marle - The given name of the run-away Princess Nadia, of Guardia.
        In an attempt to live a normal life, she goes to the millenium 
        fair to have some fun.  Little does she know that the boy she
        ran into would be the focus of an adventure spanning 
        millions of years forward....and back!
      Weapon Type: Bow & Arrow               Magic Type: Water
      Time Period: 1000 AD

Her techniques are:

Aura, Provoke, Ice, Cure, Haste, Ice 2, Cure 2, and Life 2 (Crono has Life 1).