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Frog - Heroic Swordsman

Frog is a knight who hails from Guardia Kingdom in the year 600 AD.
He fights with his broad sword, and water magic spells.
He was once a human knight who, in the course of defending his kingdom,
was defeated by an evil wizard and turned into a frog.
He joins the heroes temporarily to rescue his Queen, but is ashamed that
he allowed her to be kidnapped and leaves shortly thereafter.

"Frog, once a Guardia Knight, was beaten very badly and turned into a frog. He is an accomplished swordsman who also uses Water Magic well."
"Frog is a good fighter, like Crono, and often delivers critical hits. He knows healing Magic and is effective against many of his enemies."

The Mynock's Description
Frog  - Once Glenn, the Queen's protector, now an unsightly sword
        wielding frog due to the evil Magus.  Now he vows to avenge
        the loss of the great knight and friend, Cyrus, by defeating
        the Magus and his minions.
      Weapon Type: Broad Sword               Magic Type: Water
      Time Period: 600 AD

His techniques are:

Slurp, Slurp Cut, Water, Heal, Leap Slash, Water 2, Cure 2, and Frog Squash.