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Crono - Silent Hero

Crono is, as stated above, the hero of the game.
His weapon of choice is the samurai sword, and his magic type is lightning.
He comes from the year 1000 AD, from the Town of Truce.
He and his mother live alone, there is no mention of his father.
Crono is loyal to his friends, and courageous to a fault.
He would go to any lengths to rescue his friends from danger, just as
they would do for him.

"Crono is a typical teenager whom fate chooses to save the world. He is a skilled swordsman, and as he journeys on, he learns Lightning Magic Spells."
"Crono is the best fighter in the game. He uses very powerful sword Tech and attacking magic, and he can use other Techs in combination with various characters."

The Mynock's Description
Crono - The Hero of the epic story.  Originally planning on having
        fun at the millenium fair, he ends up in a quest to save
        the world from a cosmic invader by travelling through time.
      Weapon Type: Sword                     Magic Type: Lightning
      Time Period: 1000 AD

The manual's description pretty much sums up Crono, his techniques are:

Cyclone, Slash, Lightning, Spincut, Lightning 2, Life, Confuse, and Luminaire.