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Robo - Futuristic Warrior

Robo is found in the year 2300 AD in an abandoned dome.
When Lucca fixes him up and gets him operational again, he joins
the heroes in hopes that he will find out his purpose in existence.
His hand-to-hand style of fighting is accompanied by his weapons systems
instead of magic. Some of his special attacks are electric type and
some shadow.

"You find Robo in a collapsed dome in 2300 A.D. trying to remember his master's directions. He is very skilled with electric weapons."
"Robo has a very powerful body. When he joins Crono and Frog, their Triple Tech is incredibly effective"

The Mynock's Description
Robo  - Serial # R66-6, codenamed Prometheus.  He is reactivated
        by the deft hand of the scientist Lucca, but his memory
        banks are damaged.  In gratitude, he decides to help Crono
        and his friends to defeat Lavos and save the timeline.
      Weapon Type: Arms                      Magic Type: Technology
      Time Period: 2300 AD

His techniques are:

Rocket Punch, Cure Beam, Laser Spin, Robo Tackle, Heal Beam, Uzi Punch, Area Bomb, and Shock.