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Magus - Mighty Wizard

Magus is a mysterious character, who seems to be from
the year 600 AD, where he dwells in his own castle with his henchmen and
his many followers.
He's said to be a very powerful wizard who wants only the destruction of
the Guardia Kingdom.
With his scythe at his side, he seems to wield death itself, and his
powerful shadow magic is a force to be reckoned with.

At the begining of the game Magus is an evil wizard who is trying to overthrow the kingdom in 600 A.D. But later he joins Crono's quest, in order to stop the monster that destroyed his life, Lavos.
Magus is an extremely powerful Magic user. He uses Shadow Magic, and is the only character who can, the unfortunate part is, he doesn't have Double, or Triple Techs with anyone.

The Mynock's Description
Magus - Otherwise known as Janus, brother of Schala.  Magus is 
        thrown forward in time when his mother is overtaken by the
        infamous Lavos.  In order to survive, he takes control of
        the renegade magicians group led by Ozzie.
      Weapon Type: Scythe                    Magic Type: Shadow
      Time Period: 12000 BC

His techniques are:

Lightning 2, Fire 2, Ice 2, Dark Bomb, Magic Wall, Dark Mist, Black Hole, and Dark Matter.