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Main Characters

Crono, Silent Hero
Marle, Royal Sorceress
Lucca, Fiery Genius
Frog, Heroic Swordsman
Robo, Futuristic Warrior
Ayla, Queen of War
Magus, Mighty Wizard

Minor Characters

Schala       -  Daughter of Queen Zeal.  Unlike her mother, 
                she has a conscience, and is trying to work
                towards peace between the citizens and
                the primates.  She also acts in lieu of her
                mother to teach Janus how to behave.

Norstein     -  Circus traveler and clone sculptor
Bekkler         extraordinaire.  If you can get past his       
                games, he can make nearly perfect still
                copies of you.  And his cat food tastes good.
Taban        -  Lucca's father; He is nearly as good if not 
                better than his daughter at making things.  

Melchior     -  Originally one of the three Guru's of Enhasa. 
                He is an accomplished Blacksmith and knows much
                about weapons and their creation.

Gaspar       -  Another of the three Guru's.  As was the case with 
                the others, he was thrown at random into time.  
                Unlike the others, he was the End of Time.
                Now he resides there, in the one place time can 
                never touch.  He knows of many things to do
                with the timeline, including bringing back the dead.

Belthasar    -  The third and last of the Guru's.  Belthazar was 
                the mechanical genius:  He created both the 
                Blackbird and the robotic Nu's*.  When the Queen
                threw him forward in time, he arrived in 2300 AD,
                were he set up a lab and created the Wings of Time.

Johnny       -  The cybernetic biker of the future.  He is not 
                afraid to long as he gets a rematch.

Spekkio      -  The Master of War.  He can change his shape and 
                fighting style at will, as well as teach
                magic to the uninformed.

Cyrus        -  The departed soldier of Guardia.  During the game 
                his exploits are revealed.

Fiona        -  She has a fondness for nature and is willing to 
                do anything to keep the forest alive.

Nu's         -  The robotic creations of Belthasar* have a life and 
                philosophy of their own, but they always seem to
                be ready to help.

The Yakra's  -  The nefarious porcupine family was bred to 
                eliminate Crono by any means necessary.

Ozzie        -  The floating fatman was the Magus' top soldier, 
                and even after, he still has more schemes.

Flea         -  The caped wonder often confuses his opponents, 
                because of the way he dresses and how he behaves,
                nobody can figure out if he is a man or woman!

Slash        -  The bearded swordsman is quiet, but effective 
                with his unique stance.  

Azala        -  King of the reptites.  Azala had hopes of glory 
                for his reptites, but when those hopes dissapeared,
                his only satisfaction was the arrival of Lavos.

Dalton       -  The arrogant general of Enhasa.  Even though his 
                army controls the Blackbird, he is always on the
                lookout for a new ship.  He also has the mysterious
                ability to call Golems from another dimension.

Atropos      -  The reprogrammed close friend of Prometheus.
                She could only be recoded by Mother Brain.

Queen Zeal   -  The corrupted mother of Schala and Janus.  Her  
                thirst for immortality was her eventual downfall.

Lavos        -  The evil spawn from light years away.  Lavos 
                thrives off the life energy of entire planets.
* Doubtful, as Belthasar didn't exist in 65 Million BC, and yet a Nu did.
So he obviously couldn't have created them, unless there's some loophole like they were scattered
through time when Belthasar got lost.

All descriptions excerpted from the Mynock's Walkthrough.